Power Force Villains Slot Machine

Mad Professors, Crazy Clowns. Join the villains to fight for the jackpot on Power Force Villains Slot Machine.

Power Force Villains Slot Machine

On the Power Force Villains Slot Machine you have 5×3 reels and 25 fixed win lines. The progressive jackpot slot was launched in 2016 by Push Gaming, exclusively for Betsson Casino. Because of its popularity, it didn’t go long until players could start enjoying the slot at other casinos as well. The Power Force Villains Return To Player is 96.72 %. When you want to play Power Force Villains Slot Machine you should visit a few casinos, and start playing at the casino where the jackpot is biggest.

Power Force Villains Jackpot

The reason for why you should play where the jackpot is biggest is because the Power Force Jackpots are local progressive jackpots. It is only stakes made at the casino holding the slot that contribute to the jackpot. So, if you play Power Force Villains Slot Machine at Betser Casino, your stakes will contribute to the Betser Jackpot, while stakes at the same slot at Mr Green Casino will contribute to the Mr Green Jackpot. There are two different Power Force Jackpots. The smallest jackpot, Force Jackpot, and the big Power Jackpot.

Force Jackpot

The Force Jackpot is the smaller of the the two different Power Force Slots Jackpots. The seed size, or the guaranteed size, of the progressive Force Jackpot, is €1,000. When it comes to jackpot contribution, this is 2.08 % for Force Jackpot, while the RTP or Return To Player is 2.47 %. To win the Force Jackpot you need to collect 3 Silver Jackpot Trigger Symbols on reel 1, 3, and 5 in the base game. You do not need to collect the Silver Jackpot Trigger Symbols at a win line. You will win the Force Jackpot with 3 Silver Jackpot Trigger Symbols anywhere on your reels.

Power Jackpot

The Power Jackpot is the biggest progressive jackpot at the Power Force Slots. The guaranteed size, or seed value, of this progressive jackpot, is €20,000. The jackpot contribution is 2.30 %, and the Return To Player is 2.61 %. The Power Jackpot differ from the Force Jackpot, as the Power Jackpot can only be won while playing either Power Force Villains Free Spins or Power Force Villains Super Spins. Once you have activated the Power Force Villains Free Spins or Super Spins you will have to collect 3 Gold Jackpot Trigger Symbols anywhere on reel 1, 3, and 5.

Win Lines

You have 25 Win Lines on the Power Force Villains Slot. As these are fixed you can not alter your stake by changing the number of Win Lines. However, if you want to spin with smaller stakes you can alter the Total Bet value. Available bets are ranging from €0.25 to €100 per spin.


Compared to Power Force Heroes Slot Machine, Power Force Villains have a bit cooler symbols. It is of course villains that are the main focus, and in cartoons and movies, the mean characters tend to be edgier. And it is just like that for the Power Force Slots too. You will find three different categories of symbols at the slot, these are High-Value Symbols, Low-Value Symbols, and Special Symbols.

High-Value Symbols

Wilds are both Special Symbol and a High-Value Symbol at Power Force Villains Slot Machine. The other High-Value Symbols are the Villains; Strong Villain, Fire Villain, Gadget Villain, Spy Villain, and Clown Villain.

Low-Value Symbols

Play cards are often used as slot symbols, and these are the Low-Value Symbols at the Power Force Villain Slot. The Low-Value Symbols are J, Q, K, and A.

Slot Features

In essence you have 4 different slot features on the Power Force Villains Slot. These are Wilds, Mystery Symbols, Colossal Symbols, and Free Spins. But, you have two different kind of Free Spins.


We mentioned Wilds as a High-Value Symbol, in addition to being that, it is also a Special Symbol that can substitute other symbols. The only symbols Wilds cannot substitute are the Special Symbols and the Jackpot Trigger Symbols. As the most valuable symbol, the Wilds can also help you get big winnings, as well as helping you create better winning combinations.

Mystery Symbols

Each reel on the online jackpot slot have two Mystery Symbols. In these symbols, any other symbols, except Scatters and Jackpot Triggers, can appear in the Mystery Symbols. When a symbol is chosen to appear in a Mystery Symbols, all instances of the Mystery Symbol becomes this symbol.

Colossal Symbols

The Colossal Symbols may appear anywhere on your reels. This symbol can cover 3×3 positions on your reel and represent 9 individual symbols of one kind. This symbol will help you generate much better winning combinations with bigger winnings. In addition, the Power Force Villains Free Spins Scatter is a Colossal Symbol as well. This Colossal Free Spins Scatter can reward you with Free Spins or Super Spins.

Power Force Villains Free Spins & Power Force Villains Super Spins

You have two different kinds of Free Spins at Power Force Villains Slot. First, the Power Force Villains Free Spins, and then the Power Force Villains Super Spins. Both Spins are activated by the Colossal Free Spins Scatter. This symbol represents 9 individual symbols, each holding a number of the Free Spins and Super Spins you will receive. The Spins are distinguished by a slot feature where you will either get rid of Low-Value Symbols or not have them at all.

When you play your Power Force Villains Free Spins one of the Low-Value Symbols will be taken away. This will start with J, then proceed with Q, K, and finally the A. While you play Power Force Villains Super Spins, you will not have any Low-Value Symbols present at all. In addition, on reel 2, 3, and 4, which are locked together will only hold High-Value Colossal Symbols.

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Power Force Villains Mobile Slot

The Power Force Villains Slot is a complex game with lots of awesome features, but it works surprisingly well on mobile and tablet. The design is a bit sleeker, but you will have all the options available on Power Force Villains Mobile Slot. The Power Force Villains Mobile Slot can be found on all the online casinos we have reviewed on this website.