Responsible Gaming

Power Force Villains and Power Force Heroes are fun jackpot games. But, online gambling can be addictive. Please gamble responsibly.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is being aware of both the upsides and downsides you can experience from online gambling, it is not limited to this, as it is also important to know what measures you can take to create a safe gambling environment. Most casinos offer a good range of tools you can use to prevent developing gambling-related problems, but, you will have to use them. We strongly recommend applying the gaming limits that suits your style of gaming best.

Gaming Limits

Gaming limits are an easy and very effective tool to prevent you from losing money you can not afford to lose or spending too much time at the online casino playing Power Force Slots. There are several kinds of gaming limits, and here you can read about the most common. It is also important to know that when you apply a limit, it will have an immediate effect, the same thing goes for adding a lower limit. But, if you want to remove a limit or be move the limit upwards, there will be a seven day cooling off period.

Deposit Limit – The deposit limits is simply a limit that will let you deposit a certain amount of money within a given period. How long this period is, is determined by you when you apply the limit.

Time Limit – If you want to avoid spending too much time at the online casino you should add a time limit to your account. As with the deposit limit, you can add this limit for a given period of time.

Loss Limit – The loss limit is similar to the deposit limit. But this limit will kick in when you have lost a certain amount of money, even if you still have more money on your casino account.

Wager Limit -The wager limit has similarities to both the loss limit and the time limit. Once you have wagered a certain amount of money, you will not be able to place more bets until a new period starts.

Take a Break

Sometimes you might need something more to stay away from gambling online. Even a hero or a villain might need some time out, and this is where the opportunity to take a break comes in useful. Most casinos offer to kind of account closure, either a short-term break or permanent closure of your account.

Temporary Break – By taking a break you can make sure that you are not logging in to your account to play, as your account is going to be closed for the time requested by you.

Permanent Close – If you have gambling problems, you should consider closing your account permanently. By doing so you will not be able to log in to your account, you will also be prevented from opening a new account at the casino.

Seek Help

Next step after confirming gambling problems is to seek professional help. There are several organizations providing assistance, both directly to persons with gambling problems, and the people surrounding them. If you want more information about some of these organizations you can visit a few of them by these links:


Useful Software

If you want to avoid seeing online promotions for casinos or block gambling sites from being visited when you or someone else are using your laptop, desktop or tablet you can find software that will ensure this. Visit the link below to download your free software: